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31 Oct, 2016

Why Choose Us

  • Trust inMC performance
  • Time respect and organized
  • Big company in the contractor domain

MC as a big firm develop hereself and determine her market share To determine strategic direction for realize our future plan for next 5 years, we did marketing survey to analysis data market & competitive companies and clients, the result are as follows: Divided to:

Due to SWOT analysis,

the results will be in the below strategies: MISRCONTRACO applying the aggressive strategy as follows:

Backward, forward integration, MC initiate a small departments by own labors like carpenters, plaster, steel and Aluminum.

Product development, by sustainability and continues training & developing our staff, and applying more develop management systems.

Market penetration in real estate investment and facility management fields.

Related diversification to develop our activities, and expansion of our product, we already started in MC facility management for buildings maintenance and real estate investment.